Westron Chronicles - Realms of Tuetonia

Diplomatic Immunity

The characters have been working as a “chartered” adventuring company with a “writ of questing” issued by Baron Joaquin D’Ravensblood. For a year they have been given mostly run of the mill duties of escorting nobles, minor dealing with beasts and rampaging monsters and solving small mysteries such as missing harvest was from a malevolent fae that felt slighted by farmers that decided to stop leaving offerings to it when the local bishop ordered them to stop or risk punishment.

Recently there is a dispute between Baron Joaquin and Baron Grothmar over who owns the mineral rights for the small town of Airgeadmill and its lucrative silver mine. The town is in the Bremen Valley; however, some of the mine extends to Baron Grothmar’s land a different region, in Duchy of Blackshire by virtue of the mine being part of the valley wall. Open war between the two houses is not the issue; however, various overzealous members of Ravensblood and Grothmar have been feuding with each other. Both lords are weary of conflict but neither want to give up, so they have asked a third party to come and mediate the issues.

In order to have an impartial judge of matters, both barons have agreed to have a mediator from the Duchy of the Edge Coast come to Airgeadmill and settle the matter. The Archduke Hannible d’Urzahs sent his grandnephew the Baron Alamin d’Gellantara uth Poseideus to the region to settle things.

Lord Alamin is a well respected man who is veteran of the Great War and one of the founding members of the Mystic Blades, an order of knights who were born with the curse (gift) or sorcery and committed the sin of hiding it from the Church. Ever loyal to the Principality they came forward and pledged allegiance to the Prince and served as a special “shock troop” during the Great War. At the pressure of the the Church, they were disbanded and monitored for heresy when the Great War was over.

Due to his injuries in the Great War and his religious convictions he was maimed during a battle and is missing his left arm. He considers this a form of sacrifice to the Empyrean for his years of lying about his “curse” as well as a life of vice, lavishness and sin.

Lord Alamin is coming to the Bremen Valley to the river port town of Catharius after staying with the dwarves of Citadel Torrundar by way of the river. The characters are meeting him at Catharius and escorting him to a villa in D’Cair City to which they have been assigned as his entourage

While he is in the Bremen Valley, Lord Alamin he wants to do the usual noble business of parties, going to pilgrimage to the D’Cair Cathedral and so on, but also wants to assess any threats and opportunities from the town and the nearby ruins and possibly sponsor an expedition. To this end, he intends to meet with those who have gone to ruins at Airgeadmill.


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